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Number of Poker Chips Needed For Your Poker Game

For any poker game the quantity needed is going to be dependent on two things.

1. What limits do you play?

2. How many players will you have?

The chart below is a good rule of thumb provided you have at least 4 colors (different denominations to make change) and the ratio of chips includes 1/4 to 1/3 the amount in the lowest denomination.

# Players # of Chips Needed
2-3 200-350
4-5 350-500
5-6 500-650
6-8 650-750
8-10 750-1000
10+ Add from above

300 chips with 150 white, 50 red, 50 blue and 50 black

300 chips with 100 white, 50 red, 50 blue, 50 green and 50 black

The best advice we can give is you can never have too many poker chips. What if the game suddenly gets 2 new players?

A good estimate is approximately 80-120 poker chips per player. See our chart for how many poker chips will you need per player for your home poker game

What are Poker Chips made of?


Casino Poker 'Clay' Chips are no longer made of 100% clay. From around the 1950s, the clay poker chip has been evolving almost to the point of not using clay anymore. The reason of that is because the new poker chips made form composite materials are more durable and more cost effective.

The edge spots or as some call them inserts are not painted, they are punched out edges that are replaced with alternate colors then the poker chip goes a process that requires extreme pressure and heat. Temperatures can reaches 300F during the process.

The North American Casino Hotel tend to use 10 gram casino chips, but may drop down to 8.5, all depends on the casino. For home use you can buy the type of poker chips but you also may get poker chips weighing 13.5 gram up to 14 gram casino chips and choosing the best poker chip really depends your taste of poker chip.

You may buy the poker chips in packets of 200, 300 and 500 poker ships. You may also buy them individually depending on your needs.

A good option for buying poker chips, would be buying them in a poker chip Set which includes the poker chips, the poker case to protect them and usually come with 2 decks of playing cards, poker buttons and a set of poker dice, all depending on the poker chip set that you buy.


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